DIY Acne Leather Star Skirt

As much as I despise making Instagram posts,  I couldn't be bothered getting out the cam-cam to snap away whilst doing this impromptu DIY on Saturday.  Therefore, please excuse this iPhone-photo post (although, I did try to make them fancy-schmancy!!).  If only DSLR quality came in iPhone-sized convenience...


Anyway, following my almost-fortnightly rampage at the Salvos near work, I sat down at home to assess my finds and was annoyed to find a multitude of holes and small rips in a leather skirt that I had picked up.

I had clearly been blinded by leather-lust.


Thankfully, sitting in my DIY inspiration folder (which is starting to get a bit out of control mind you), was the Acne 'Cassiopeia' skirt with star cut-outs - the perfect reincarnation for a poor little abused leather skirt!

Photos from Style.com

Made a stencil, traced then cut out some stars, and boom - DIY Acne!


Outfit post to come - just got to give it some TLC in the form of a good glue and polish before I debut it!

xx T

P.S.: for those who have been hankering for another DIY for ages, tune in every day of August for a healthy dose of DIY + thrifted goodness in the form of our Restyle outfits!

P.P.S.: Speaking of Restyle, check back next week for profiles of the girls involved and some behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot day!


  1. Ahh that is awesomeness. You're so creative!
    Salvos are my fave :)


  2. This is like, so brilliant that I can't even look at it anymore! Xx


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