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Of course, the shoot wouldn't have been possible without the amazing team behind it all.  So now that you've seen the majority of what went on behind the scenes for the other bloggers involved, you can now have a glimpse of the people who made it possible!

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Hair was done by the team from Renos on St Quentin, who did a fantastic job including pops of colour into many of the looks on the day!

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The girls from Lauren Wood looked after all our makeup requests!  Check out each blogger's feature from this week for close-ups of each makeup look.

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Emily Howlett headed up the styling work for the day, making sure every outfit represented each blogger and showed off their op-shopped treasures.

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Mikey Walton was one of Em's assistants - he's the resident stylist for Westfield Western Australia!  With a keen eye for accessorising and a deft hand with the bull-clips, he definitely made Em's work much easier!

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Gemma Rule was the videographer, capturing the action behind the scenes - we'll let you know the exciting news about when the footage will be shown in the near future!  Penny Lane took the lovely photos, and was wonderful to work with, making everyone feel at ease in front of the camera.  

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Finally, let us introduce you to the lovely Renee Glastonbury - the brains behind the Restyle project for this year!
Really, who else could herd 10 bloggers into a room and keep the chaos to a minimum?

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Thanks again to the team who helped make the photo shoot day an absolute breeze!

We hope you've enjoyed the crazy amount of our behind-the-scenes posts so far, and we hope we've gotten you all excited for the month that will be the 30 Days of Restyle in August.

Check back tomorrow for our final BTS posts, featuring us!  Have you missed our silly faces this week?  :P

xx S&T

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  1. love these posts! thanks for sharing girls, you all look fabulous! Looking forward to August :) xx


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