Restyle: S Behind the Scenes #1

Now that you've seen behind the scenes shots of all the other 30 Days of Restyle bloggers, it is time to remind you what our faces look like!  Starting with S' hair & makeup details.

Le Fanciulle (2 of 17).jpg
The humungous up-do began by blowdrying mousse into each strand of hair to create volume. (Lots of volume).
Le Fanciulle (3 of 17).jpg
Le Fanciulle (4 of 17).jpg
Le Fanciulle (5 of 17).jpg
Le Fanciulle (6 of 17).jpg
Photos by T

Hair by Renos on St Quentin
Makeup by Lauren Wood

I absolutely love this pink hair & would be so tempted to do something permanently crazy with my hair if it weren't so inappropriate for hospital!  Pity the Summer holidays are being spent in the hospital too, haha. (Although I'm quite excited for that, but keep it on the down low.)

Check back later for even more behind the scenes shots.  This Restyle business is making this blog go craaaazeh!!!

xx S&T


  1. What have I done to deserve such a pretty sister??

  2. S - You're rocking the coloured hair as well as behind-the-scenes-casual-model-face :D I agree with you on the hair thing, I REALLY want coloured hair for the holidays, darn electives...


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