Restyle: T Behind the Scenes #1

The clever girls in charge of hair (from Renos on St Quentin) managed to create pink hair looks for both of us, but still very different styles.  T's sleek locks were thanks to some serious flat ironing.

Le Fanciulle (1 of 11).jpg
Le Fanciulle (2 of 11).jpg
Le Fanciulle (3 of 11).jpgLe Fanciulle (4 of 11).jpg
Le Fanciulle (5 of 11).jpg
(50mm SLR selfie?)

And now for one of my favourite shots of T during this whole Restyle-mania... (Iris Apfel wannabe)

Le Fanciulle (11 of 11).jpg
Photos by S

Hair by Renos on St Quentin
Makeup by Lauren Wood for L'Oreal

The awesome (but dangerous!) spikes on T's DIY vest were not really captured in the final Restyle promo shot, but look out for more detailed pictures throughout August.

xx S&T

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  1. Looking sleek and stylish, T! That last shot is a keeper :)


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