Restyle: Rose Gold

Day two of our 30 Days of Restyle!  Hope you've bookmarked us in anticipation ;)

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I like to think of this outfit as the most "Miroslava Duma"-like ensemble we have on show.  Probably because she has a bit of a penchant for baggy jumpers and short skirts.
Apologies for the grumpy face above - I was having fun, I swear!

DIY Details
I love metallic knits, and was convinced that making my own would be easy - thus I attempted to do this rose gold metallic jumper.  It's definitely a more subtle look than the stuff being sold in the shops at the moment, because the material tends to eat up all the paint.

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Photos by Sab

DIY rose gold metallic jumper - Salvos ($3.99)
Earring & necklace set - Red Cross ($12.95)
Grey skirt - Review
DIY glitter heel boots (seen a billion times on this blog) - instructions here

xx T


  1. Lovely outfit. That rose metallic jumper really suits you.

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  2. I love the colour!!

  3. I absolutely love it!! So gorgeous and creative

  4. So subtle, so gorgeous this colour looks incredible on you Trish.



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