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The wind has changed direction & it is time to concentrate solely on some important things that need to be conquered soon.  For the next month-and-a-bit, posting will be light on as we focus on preparing for the annual unspeakables.

But fear not, we'll treat you with things we have been storing for this exact purpose.  We've also got our ball coming up this Friday! Woo!!  So hopefully there'll be some photographical proof of our inevitably splendiferous good looks.

In the meanwhile, here are some convenient links to all of our PFF 2012 coverage.

Restyle Runway
Designer Capsule #1
WA Designer Collective
Designer Capsule #2
Ae'lkemi Preview
Student Runway
Ae'lkemi Runway

xx S&T

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  1. I hope the hiatus gives you guys wonderful break, along with some awesome time to concentrate on the big stuff! Have fun at the ball - hope the skin behaves heehee! Kel xx


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