Restyle: Behind the Scenes 1

S and I are having a bit of relaxation in the aftermath of 30 solid days of outfit posts!  As a rest from our goofy faces for a few more days, here's the first of some behind-the-scenes photos from Restyle.

We actually finished all our outfits and DIYs in mid-June - about a month and a half before we even posted the final outfit shots!  Needless to say, a lot of our holidays in June were taken up by DIYs and everything Restyle.  It fully paid off though, leaving us with a month and a half of having a break from making new blog fodder, which translated to plenty of time to study!  We'll be re-hashing this technique as our end-of-year exams loom around the corner.

Here are some of the in-progress photos of some of my DIYs:

Le Fanciulle (2 of 19).jpg
Originally tan-coloured, these shoes were a bit of a DIY-fail when I tried to use microbeads instead of glitter.  
Let's just say I won't be using those forsaken things for a long time.  Back to glitter.
Le Fanciulle (1 of 19).jpg
Ombre maxi skirt painted and drying - it was once a tablecloth!
Le Fanciulle (4 of 19).jpgLe Fanciulle (3 of 19).jpg
Post-glitter shoes mess - looked like I killed a fairy or something.  Metallic red jumper also hanging up to dry!
Le Fanciulle (6 of 19).jpg
They didn't have gold, so I painted my own trim for my Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-inspired jacket.
Le Fanciulle (7 of 19).jpg
Shoes!  S's Carven-esque sling-backs.

Check back in tomorrow for some more behind-the-scenes goodness, after which we will finally be purged of the Restyle-ing until the runway show in a couple of weeks.

Hang tight for more details!

xx T

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