Restyle: Behind the Scenes 2

Here's some candids from the day we shot the bulk of our outfit posts.  Our wonderful photographer was Sab of Sabatomic - one of our fellow meddies whom we've been dying to collaborate with for ages.  She takes some really stunning shots, (especially of food - mmmm!) so make sure you check out her website here!

Le Fanciulle (11 of 19).jpg
Gotcha in action
Le Fanciulle (12 of 19).jpg
Skewering leaves with stilettos?
Le Fanciulle (18 of 19).jpg
S being a creeper

Photos 3, 5-7 by Sab

A huuuuge thanks again to Sab for getting out of bed super-early during our holidays to be our photographer for the day!  We were so chuffed at the photos! :D (keep an eye out for our more recent collabs with her, for example this post)

xx S&T

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