Cover Up!

Inspired by T wearing her own leather cap yesterday, I thought I'd share this sporty outfit with you!
With a(nother) weekend of study coming up, I don't know how much beach time we'll get, but I'll try to get my dose of Vit D through these photos ;)

IMG_5007.jpg IMG_4987.jpg

One of my favourite bloggers Zanita, is quite fan of caps (e.g. 1, 2, 3) & while I may be nowhere near as sporty-cool, I can try :P

IMG_5013.jpg IMG_5017.jpg

Photos by Sab

Cap - eBay
Pants & singlet - Country Road
Jacket - hand me down from little sis
Shoes - converse (bought for $8 at the swap meet! Bargain!)

T found these awesome leather caps on eBay & never have I ever felt so keen to be sunsmart even when it's barely sunny.  Caps in the shade?  Caps indoors?  Can do!

But seriously, cover up, peeps.  Skin cancer is not cool.

xx S

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  1. Those pants look so comfy! I wish I could wear that sort of thing to work haha.

    ps cute cap :-p


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