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Unless you’ve been living under a sartorial rock for the entirety of this year’s fashion weeks, you’ll be aware that what comes around has come around again – that is, camo print is back with a vengeance!  I’ve got to admit, I was a huge fan of it in the nineties, sporting both a tank top AND a singlet dress in my all time favourite print. 

Anyway, after trawling through eBay during study-breaks and loading up my saved list with these oversized camo jackets, Dad arrived back from China bearing the perfect camo-print jeans from Zara (the same ones as in the pictures below)!  Stylistically, probably a better choice for me (vs the baggy jacket) as I am small-framed and therefore easily swamped by oversized clothes.  Thank you to my cool Dad!

Here’s some inspiration pictures I’ve been hoarding to get me motivated to break out the pants in style (which you can see is featured in a few of the photos below).  Will post an outfit post with them once I find some reward-from-study time and a secluded alleyway.   

 thegoldendiamondsstockholm streetstyle

Photos from 1 (The Golden Diamonds), 2 (Stockholm Streetstyle), 3 (Oh My Vogue)

Looks like I'll be needing to match them with some strappy sandals or point stilettos...
I'll save that for my next study break - it's time for some breakfast then back to the books.  


xx T

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  1. These camo pants are very nice, i am gonna show this to girlfriend she will definitely like them and if she does gonna buy for her.


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