Style Challenge: Runners

Couldn't bring myself to study this morning since the weather was so glorious, so I went outside for a bit of jump-rope before buckling down again!  Yes, skipping - my favourite primary school activity outside of art class!

In honour of me actually making it into the sunshine and doing a scrap of exercise (you should all go buy a lotto now), here is this post - harking back to this style challenge from S before we started August.  Golly me, a long time ago!

Le Fanciulle (3 of 11).jpg
Le Fanciulle (1 of 11).jpgLe Fanciulle (2 of 11).jpg

Of course this get-up features my beloved Nike Lunarglides - seen here.

Also seen:
Nike top
Zara skirt
Portmans belt

Le Fanciulle (4 of 11).jpg

Photos by Sab

If you don't recall the challenge (and haven't mustered the strength to click the link at the top, you lazy sod), then I will remind you that S asked me to style runners or Converse sneakers with a skirt.  And I wasn't allowed to look like a middle aged lady on her way to work.

Is this look sporty (but street-style-esque) enough for you, S?

I'm keen to break out my comfy sports shoes more in street wear, a la The Man Repeller & Style Scrapbook.  What do you think?  Could I get away with it?

xx T



  1. And I wouldn't have even known you were wearing sports gear honey! Amazing!

  2. omg love your take on sports luxe! I wish I could pull off nike as well as u!


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