Hot Asian Trip Packing

So...  This was supposed to be a packing guide for a tropical Asian holiday.  However, I have been very lazy over the Christmas period and just the thought of having to make another collage sent me to sleep for multiple nights in a row.

Alas, here I am, leaving for Cambodia tomorrow with no packing guide to share.  The shame!
But I did start packing yesterday and my colour scheme indadvertedly amounted to this:

Le Fanciulle (2 of 3).jpg

Lots of blues, brights, and neutrals to reduce my risk of being a mosquito-magnet.  Not shown is my obscene amount of mozzie-repellant, as dengue is one thing I'd rather not experience on my adventure.

Anyway, short post today as I've still got plenty to do.  But expect lots of photos to come in the following weeks!  

Especially on Instagram.  Always on Instagram.
(here and here)

xx T


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