New Year's Eve: Two Ways

If you're planning on getting your filthy paws on some silky drawers in time for NYE (seeing as the world did not end as it was scheduled to), then you'd better get planning.  Our epic online wardrobe ships pretty quickly, but planning never hurts.

This year I will be spending NYE in Paris, a little change from last year's festivities, yet T will be spending hers in a warmer climate, so here's an outfit to suit each of us.

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 8.06.29 PM
Winter: Black prom dress here, Burgundy quilted bag here, Geometric earrings here, Peep toe heels here, Nars lip colour here.  Add tights and a coat & it's completely Winter appropriate.

NYE Summer

Summer: Milly dress here, sequin clutch here, gold heeled shoes here, Michael Kors watch here, Hair coils here

How will you be welcoming 2013?  More importantly, what will you be wearing? ;)

xx S

Nb: this post is sponsored by Asos.  We will always tell you when our posts are sponsored (rarely) & only accept collaborations with brands we shop with ourselves & think you'd like either way!


  1. My new Forever New dress from the sales! Mmmmmmmm sooo niiiceee

  2. THAT FIRST DRESS... SWOOOOOOON!!! I am in love with it! So tempted to buy it for Med Ball 2013 in advance... must resist the urge as it is far too soon to be thinking about that (plus I've worn black every single year since 2009...)


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