2WW: Runaways

Today is the beginning of an exciting new Wednesday venture on Le Fanciulle.
We're calling it 2 Way Wednesday (2WW) & we'll see how long it lasts...

On a related but different note, sunglasses have always been a struggle for T & I.  That is, nice ones that properly suit our faces.  We're not believers in the bug-eyed-celeb look or spending huge amounts for something you might sit on any moment, so imagine our surprise when we came across a pair that suits us both!  (Not to mention they are SO sturdy.  I'd say unbreakable, but that would be tempting fate.)

5l4xu8 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Le Specs 'Runaways' from Sunglasses Shop

Le Specs are growing on us for a good quality pair of shades.  They lie in a happy middle ground (price wise) between the people who get their annual eyewear supply in Bali & the people who splurge on big brands.  As you can see in the mad gif above, we're pretty happy about this current pair!

On a real life note, T & I have left Perth (again!) and today we begin a month in rural Western Australia.  We will try very hard not to become flanno-wearing bogans.

xx S


  1. Love the pout/smile gif!! :D The sunglasses definitely look fab on you both!

  2. I have been trying to find a new pair of sunnies that will look at least decent on me... maybe I should try this out!

    1. Definitely recommend these ones! :)

      Thanks for commenting xx


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