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Oh harro!
This is my work outfit.

Actually that's a big lie - I have a uniform for work, and also I'd never wear this get-up to the hospital because the skirt is too short and the bag doesn't fit my laptop.  But I did wear this for our blogger's high tea, a little while back now!  (Still salivating though...)

Yeah yeah, I'm still dragging my feet in showing you my illustrated perfect wardrobe.  BUT be assured that all the elements in the featured get-up are from said wardrobe.  Including the LV Speedy 25, which I decided last year during exam-time that it would be the holiday bag addition.  So here I am looking most fresh-off-the-boat, toting my LV like your stereotypical Asian lady.  But the good thing I think is that there is not a hint of "It-bag" in sight (admittedly though, if the mini Pashli had been in stock, I would have bought it), and for that I am happy this little work-horse has joined my collection of classics.

What could go wrong? Audrey Hepburn had the 25 made for her!  

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Zimmerman silk shirt (eBay gold!)
Zara skirt 
Bloch patent ballet flats
LV Speedy 25 bag - thanks Simon!

Attempting to curate more classics as we speak,

xx T


  1. This is such an adorable outfit. I really want a speedy now but I always pick bags with a shoulder strap. Maybe now I'll get one. It looks so cute how you tote it around.


    1. Thanks :) it actually does come in an option with the shoulder strap, but it was an extra $200 or something ridiculous. However, I too am partial to a shoulder strap and was regretting not forking out the extra money for it. But oh well! It's just a bag! And a handy sized one at that :)

  2. You look so sleek in this - it is gorgeous!


  3. Cute outfit! I love the skirt xxx



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