Fashern [a rant]

T: I guess that's the essence of "personal style" - you take it from other people...
S: BAHAH such an oxymoron then!

[an excerpt from a recent conversation of ours]


[Picture the girl]
She's wearing a horizontal striped top (of course), with distressed straight leg jeans, plain black ballet flats, a khaki anorak & carries her bare necessities in a little black leather sling bag.  So timeless!  So chic!   

But really, if what used to be timeless has now become on trend, does that mean it's not timeless at all?  What if the eternally cool French look has become mainstream... what are the French going to wear?  (Actually, I doubt they care, but the question still stands.)  Frogs aside, why oh why has classic become the new black?  That is, black reigns supreme.  If we knew anything about the global economy, now would probably be the time to draw a smart conclusion... but we don't.

Plenty has been written about fashion overload, oversaturation, and all sorts of wonderful terms that give reasoning for the Scandi-minimal way of the fashion world right now.  Stylish girls all around the shop are going "anti-fashion" with their wardrobes, culling is the new shopping & repeating outfits is as cool as saying your avocados are organic.  But is it even truly anti-fashion if the fashion is to be anti-fashion?  (read that sentence twice)  Or perhaps we are so caught up in the online world full of clones that we can't even see the TRULY stylish people in our midst.

So anyway.  A big rant for a normal little Monday.  A big rant that draws minimal conclusions & raises more questions than an existential crisis. 

We will sit here in our breton tops, jeans & leopard ballets & ponder it with you.



  1. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! i really love your blog and style, maybe we can follow each other? (:


  2. good point. i fear for the french until they open their mouths and speak it as nothing pairs better with fashion than a french accent. :)

    1. Oh gosh, what I would pay for a French accent! :) S xx

  3. Yeah I agree.... it's just an adjective which is just being used incorrectly, really. Found your blog through Google and just wanted to say that I am a fan x

    1. Thanks for commenting- love your blog (have read it for ages)!! S xx


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