With seemingly endless case reports to write, it's timers, stop watches & rewards that get us through.  Sometimes it's silly little incentives like finish this stupid case reflection & you can browse Country Road for 10 minutes guilt free, but they're not that silly if you get your assignment in on time! Or pass your exam!  Below are some goodies I have found that wouldn't feel at all out of place in my wardrobe.

CR wishlist 1
CR wishlist 2

Intarsia knit, Metallic knit, grey roll neck knit, white roll neck knit, silk shirt - all Country Road.

After... let me count... nearly 18 years of education & counting (oh my goodness, that's nearly our whole lives), T&I have discovered that timers are the answer to the study dilemma.  Motivation doesn't always come at the right time (ie before a due date!) and there's nothing like a ticking clock to get your stress levels up just enough so you bother to work.  Timers are also the best way to ensure you work healthily & get proper breaks.  Breaks filled with tea, of course.

Speaking of study... back to it!

xx S

PS: Recognise any familiar faces on the Betts Blog?  Nope, neither do we ;)


  1. Oh GOD. I know exactly what you mean. You can always tell when its exam season, because that's when I start making purchases of obscene amounts in the middle of the night. Terrible habit but it makes me study, win-win?

    x karen

  2. omg I wish I had thought of this while I was studying...
    ohhhh AND you've started a love affair between me and country road! I've never even LOKED at the store but am suddenly wanting shirt, coats and heaps of other stuff... :)

  3. I'm loving their parka coat! I'm thinking it may be the perfect layering piece! In fact their winter stylebook is a real winner for me this year! Massive CR love.


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