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Whilst it hasn't been quite so cold enough in Perth to bring out scarves and coats, S & I have been relishing the opportunity to sneak in some head-gear on frosty mornings en-route to the hospital.  We're super lucky to be in close proximity to some choice photo-taking-locations, so here are photos of my elf-self wearing my favourite  beanie to brighten up my standard clinical garb.  
Someone also asked last Wednesday to give our tips on favourite clinical shoes - these Bloch flats are definitely my favourite in terms of style-cred, comfort and infection control (patent leather = wipe clean!).  Not to mention they're great for weekend casual-wear.
In my opinion, they were worth every penny!  (make sure you snag them on sale)

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Also, one week 'til holidays!!

Asos beanie
Trenery jumper
Axara wool trousers
Bloch patent leopard-print flats
Country road bag

xx T



  1. This look is so cute. Especially the last photo.

    The Fashann Monster

  2. The beanie's super cute. What an awesome looking doctor/doctor to be!


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