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I love trying new colour combinations.  Inevitably, they don't always work well, but when they do succeed, a basic outfit can be transformed.  See in this outfit, the delicious soft silk in cobalt blue and berrylicious bottoms distract you from the truth that I'm just wearing a shirt and jeans.  Or do they?  You judge.

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The Edited shirt, Dr Denim jeans (bought as a 2 for 1 from General Pants!), Just jeans leather jacket, Witchery wedges, Mumsy's scarf, vintage bag.

This outfit was just a quick trouser-change + blazer-addition away from clinical-appropriate.  Granted, we are on a much more casual dressing term, but a silk shirt in a bright colour really can take you from breakfast with your besties, then to work and out for night time activities, if that's on your agenda.  Just pack a spare pair of pants (for work) and heels (for out) in your car-drobe, and you're set.

xx S

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  1. Clinically appropriate - something always on my mind while I'm shopping. But I'm such a boho chic person on the inside. *le sigh

    I really love your silk shirt. It's the perfect cut and shade.


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