My Latest Loot: Candy Pink

[Continuing on with the baby-pink binge we began yesterday]

When we look at runway shows, we don't create a shopping list.  First of all, that is financially ridonculous, but also because we love the challenge of using the simple things already in our cupboards to echo the vibes of our favourite designer collections.  It's also 100x more versatile!

Take this pink mesh-knit jumper.   You could go pink on pink on pink a la Jil Sander F12, or add some white leather to channel the Alexander Wang collection everyone's going kookoo about,  or go nude underneath the mesh a la Céline.  (Please don't.)

Trenery jumper

So the moral of the story is that you don't need to buy the latest thing to be up with the craze of the minute, which is going to change any minute anyway!  Buy the simple things that suit you & save your pennies for travel, or breakfasts dates, or coffee, or... kale.  T is addicted to kale.  (Could someone please call the hipster police?)

xx S


  1. Great post, and a timely reminder, especially with online stores rife with sales which make those unnecessary things seem all the more enticing. Love the jumper. HAHA and my bf is addicted to kale chips too - we've been making them as I recently switched from vegetarian to vegan :)

  2. So pretty! The only time I like bubblegum- as clothes! :) Good find. x


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