2WW: Fancy-Bathrobe-Chic

We gather you may have seen enough of our faces for a week, so today we have prepared collages on 2 Ways to Wear this amazing light pink Rochas coat that we would buy if we had plentiful cash.  And if it weren't already sold out on NAP.  Darn.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 10.09.34 PM
Coat, Brogues, Jeans, Bag, Jumper, Necklace

S's Outfit

Light coloured Winter-wear is quite refreshing amongst the sea of black (that we are admittedly part of), so this coat was the perfect item to base a pastel outfit around.  The gold brogues and jewellery make the simple clothes more interesting, and that bag... !  Quite Valentino rockstud-esque, but the shape (and price) are a lot more practical.

Why have I included YSL Touche Éclat in an outfit collage, you ask?  Well it's not just to be hip, let me tell you ;)  I've had my eye on this product for a while & plan to try it when funds allow, but thought a pastel outfit would be the perfect time to try out the dewy, fresh faced look that this highlighter promises.

pink coat trish

Coat, Glasses, Top, Pants, iPad case, Stylus, Bag, Heels

T's Outfit

So so so, it seems we both went for a bit of an anti-Winter-coloured-preppy-chic-downplayed-with-casual-bottoms-collage-fest.  Oh well, not far from the truth.  Baby pink and burgundy is actually a killer colour combo (see our tumblr for more pink-coat-inspiration-pictures) which I just might try out for our exam on Friday.  Might I add, Sophie Hulme is making some superb bags at the moment and I wouldn't mind one...

Speaking of being close to the truth with these dream outfit collages, those Bespecd "Rhodes" glasses are on my list for new glasses (yes, I'm considering getting more than one pair).  S will also attest to the fact that I am never without my iPad nowadays, and for those who are wondering how I've been writing on photos, that handy little Targus stylus is the magic wand that does the trick.

xx S&T


  1. I love how you both styled the coat, although if I had to pick my fave it would be S's - I just love the idea of that lux oversized coat (in pink!) with bf jeans. Gorgeous.

    1. Thanks for commenting Jamie-lee! I think it's time to find some quality boyfriend jeans ;)
      Steph xx

  2. I WANT IT ALL. Such gorgeous outfits!

  3. Love love love! I like how easy it is to pick which outfit was styled by each of you haha :)


    1. Hey Bon! Yeah I am always so surprised at how different T & I manage to style things, even when presented with the same item! We never even peek! ;)
      Steph xx

  4. Those Sophie Hulme bags are to die for, such good hardware, so little excess embellishment!

    Touche Eclat is a winner, the only makeup I wear with any regularity. Best bought in duty free, in the twinpack. For a basically identical budget-friendly(ER, still not exactly cheap) option the L'Oreal version is great too.

    1. Ooh so good to hear the Touch Eclat feedback. It's my birthday soon, so might splash out on a self-gift ;)

      I agree, love how the bags are so classy, too. No big name splashed across them!

      Steph x


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