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Chloe (pegasusunicorn.tumblr.com) & friend

I am impressed, citizens of Perth - more & more of you get dressed up for fashion week & have been putting more effort into your general appearance; much less of the thongs-&-jeans combo sported in the last fortnight!  Might be something to do with the generally crap weather which put a dampener on all things Spring, Summery & open-toed at this year's Perth Fashion Festival...  It almost made me want to stay inside & mope overb the weekend, but thankfully I pulled my socks up & went to the free Fashion Central shows which were well populated with some very trendy folk.  On both the Saturday & Sunday, the clouds parted briefly & I was able to take a few street style snaps!

Matt Jelonek (seen below toting the camera & wearing the shirt-appliqued-on-a-shirt by Singaporean designer, Depression) was commenting that the abundance of style mavens was probably due to the fact that the Poppy Lissiman & the Peachy shows were on.  I'd have to say I was in total agreement - whilst the same people frequented the paid (& invited) events, a plethora of loyal followers with their own unique styles turned up for the more accessible shows.  I just wish it hadn't been raining so much so I could have snapped away for longer!  Anyway, here's a small taste of what I saw outside the Poppy Lissiman/Amore + Sorvete & Peachy shows.  

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I am *pretty* certain that this is our second-last PFF-related post (how could I leave you without my own outfit??)!  My goodness, I can't believe we've finished.

Here's a list of our posts full of Perth Fashion Festival goodness, for easy reference:

No rest for the wicked - back into the blogging business tonight with my coverage of the Glow Run (which you can actually pay for TONIGHT at the race if you're keen on joining me!!).

Many thanks for coming along for the PFF ride with us :)

xx T


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  1. Loved all the PFF posts but this is my favourite. Your street style snaps are excellent. I didn't realize how much personality Perth actually had in dressing.

    The Fashann Monster


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