Outfit: Build Me Up, Buttercup

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They say you dress to suit your mood, and in this case I'd say it's true, as happy and bright would definitely describe my mood whilst on an ice cream gorge-fest with T.  I do love Summer colours and buttercup yellow is close to the top of the list.

A few other little tid bits about this outfit: note I have overcome my fear of mixing leathers (see shoes/bag/watch) & am actually not that satisfied with the result haha, also note that my hair is finally growing (finally!) past shoulder length although it's only a matter of time before it gets chopped off I'm sure, and lastly the little book you see in my hand is S & T's book of adventures that we have used to plan our rampaging for the last 3 years and hopefully a million more :) Maybe for Christmas you could give your close friends a little note book like this?  There's nothing like sharing a pot of tea with a notebook and pen in hand.

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J Brand boyfriend jeans
Silk tank top from  Miss Browns Vintage
Zara shoes
Vintage bag

xx S


  1. I love the notebook idea! It's so cute & sounds fun. I also have a fear of mixing leathers in different colours but sometime you've just gotta do it. You look gorgeous in yellow, a very summery colour indeed.

    The Fashann Monster


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