Eat Out: Typika

My my, there's quite a few food-based posts coming up on Lefanch, so prepare ye cyber-stomachs.  This Friday's gastronomic guide is devoted to Typika, the behemoth cafe taking up prime residence the heart of Claremont (which I've dubbed the place to be "seen" - if you know what I mean).  But despite the hoards of arty folk and Western Suburb-types frequenting the joint, it serves up a hefty breakfast & a decent lunch if you've tired yourself out shopping.

If you're on the market for breakfast at Typika, the bircher muesli is substantial and the fruit salad contains jelly.  Jelly!  The French toast, however, is a hit of morning diabetes if you're into that, so perhaps hold back if you're not a purveyor of sweet things.  
Lunch-wise, the ribs (both pork and beef) were tender with the meat falling off the bone, and the steak sandwiches appeared diminutive but were filling!  All highly recommended.  But perhaps not the gyoza, which are always better left to the Japanese.  

Anyway feast your eyes, and when you're hungry enough to make the trip, head over to 331 Stirling Highway, Claremont.

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331 Stirling Hwy, Claremont

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  1. When I finally visit Perth, I'm going to be emailing you two girls for a guide to where to go, that's for sure! Typika looks so good!

    1. Oh please do email! It'd be great fun to gather our favourites and pass on the wisdom ;)

  2. Thanks for the comment! I love reading & commenting on your blog because despite being an awesome blog it's cool to know what's happening in Perth. Also, I love reading your DIYs but how did you guys order so much? I order one dish when I go out & I can barely finish it. Teach me your ways hehe

    The Fashann Monster

  3. This looks just... DELICIOUS!

    Come by soon!


  4. i didn't love the breaky when i went. but i heard the lunch is really good (although only served during the week!).

    reckless abandon


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