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Another post created aeons ago, but needing air-time stat!  This outfit was probably just as comfy as my current daily outfit of oversized navy scrubs - not exactly blog-worthy...  But on the up-side, S & I are one day away from completing our first (real, non-orientation) week at work!

Midi-dresses aren't exactly the best thing to wear if you're one of diminutive stature as the mid-calf cropping makes for some vanquished leg-length.  The issue is, tank dresses make for perfect Summer-wear!
The fix?  Twist & tie some of the fabric on the inside of the dress to make the silhouette slightly more fitted & the hem shortened to ever-appropriate knee-length.  Too easy!

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Leather cap from eBay (hiding my scuba-mask burn)
MNG denim jacket
Sportsgirl midi tank dress with DIY detailing
Acne Pistol boots in chestnut
Country Road bag
Balenciaga wallet

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