Street Style: Renee

Renee, Subi

Hey there readers & poor neglected little blog!

As we've discovered this week, working 10 hours a day running around like a headless chook is conducive to only one thing - getting off to sleep darn quickly.  Not much time for blogging during the week so it seems, but we've decided to keep LF going for our personal sanity.  The upside is that we got our first real pay-check this week!  Goodbye student poverty and helloooo steady income.  

Anyway, I'm starting up the daily dose of Perth's street style again, beginning with Renee who is wearing an outfit I hope to have the guts to wear soon.  Well, perhaps lack of guts?  (I signed my life away to a bootcamp starting this week - wish me luck!).

Have a great weekend!
xx T  


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