Eat Out: The Hardware Cafe


Is that a new cafe in my hood?  More like a whole LOAD of cafes in my hood, which suits me and my caffeinated beverage habit.  Huzzah for the people of Scarborough.  Topping the list of hot-new-cafes has got to be The Hardware Cafe, which is located in an old - wait for it - hardware store!  Since it opened, this place has been almost as busy as Ikea on a Saturday and the parking similarly hellish, but our verdict?  Definitely worth the trip.

lefanciulle (1 of 4).jpg
lefanciulle (4 of 4).jpg
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lefanciulle (2 of 4).jpg

T - buckwheat pancakes & apple juice
S - muesli & a flat white

Aren't we such healthy little vegimites?

Apart from the part where S struggled to get her muesli out of the jar's little opening, we give this cafe a thumbs up & recommend you visit.  Perhaps try a weekday or wait until the initial hype dies down (if it does), as we only just got a table for two on a humble Tuesday morning.

xx S&T



  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! You took my photo in Claremont today, it was lovely to meet you and I absolutely adore your blog :) xx

    Adventures of an Anglophile

    1. Thanks Andini! So lovely to meet you in real life too :D
      x Trish
      (p.s. adding your blog to our local blog-roll!)


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