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The other night it got cold enough to warrant wearing outerwear - a huge change in comparison to trying to skimp it as much as possible with no sleeves & loose-fitting clothing.  The chilly wind whipping my sad crusty mop of bleached hair instantly transported me into the day-dream land of coats, sweaters & scarves.  Just a little teaser of course, as the daytime temperature still sits at the high twenties, but soon - SOON - it will be cold!  In the interim, before it starts to rain, I'll be pairing these sandals with anything denim to make the most of them before my toes get wet & the calf-hair turns into a boggy mess.  Cost-per-wear people!  

And don't get me started on how many ways I plan to wear this hat...

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Also, I apologise if all I seem to talk about nowadays is the weather.  After all, it does dictate what happens on my days off.  I'd love to tell you all about work & some crazy stories, but that's not allowed so you'll just have to go back to watching Grey's Anatomy.  Perhaps don't pretend I'm Christina because that is so far off from what I am like (I think...).  I guess there are a few McDreamies lurking around though!

xx T

P.S. that gold Ellery dress will be making it's debut for graduation - one year after purchase, no less. Talk about forward planning.   Note - don't miss your RSVP date or your mum will have to call up the uni & cry on the phone to get you your ticket.  How awkward.


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