It's extremely self indulgent, but I always intended to splurge on an investment item (questionable use of the word investment, yes dad) when I started work.  But then reality hit and when the first pay came, I didn't want to spend it (not to mention real life costs set in).  Now though, it may be time to find the one and you, Lily, have been on my radar for some time now!

The ethics of ridonculously expensive bags are questionable, though.  Or are they?  Is someone getting paid more fairly when you spend half your pay on a bag?  or is a CEO somewhere someday just upgrading from a Porsche to... another Porsche maybe?  If you buy one fancy bag for every 5 medium-ly-fancy bags you would have bought, is that justified?  (then again, who needs 5 bags) (me)

Things to think about folks.



  1. so many questions, so few answers, so much buyers remorse... why you do dis to me?

  2. I know the feeling all too well! I was going to buy myself an Alexander Wang bag for my 21st, but I got talked out of it by everyone I told the price to! One can dream!
    Meg xx

  3. I was in exactly the same position when I started work last year... in the end I just couldn't bring myself to do it so ended up going for something a little less pricey (which I couldn't be happier with)

    ...but you never know... maybe one day... :)


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