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Apologies for the radio-silence of late - I've been settling in to my new job (desk-slave in pyjamas, check!) and abandoning the blogging due to an acute onset of aquarium-obsession.  Google "iwagumi style aquascaping" and prepare to be lost in a tranquil underwater world.  Or just check out my instagram which I've tried hard not to inundate with my latest pets, because we all know one photo is cute but more than four and you should probably just set up a pet-only account.  Anyway, I'm enchanted by how beautiful nature can be without even trying.  Sure beats my morning struggles to turn up to work presentable!  

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I wonder if I could get away with wearing this leather skirt to work?   
Picked it up on sale in DJ's!  And FYI, you'll be seeing more leather around here soon because S & I have been desperately missing leather-weather.  That, and my collection has burgeoned by three items in the span of a month.  What can I say...  You had me at buttery-soft.  Mmmmmm.



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