Whilst I'm not a coffee-addict like the majority of the medical brethren, I do entertain good hygiene & caffeine has taken a central role in that matter.  Additionally, as one constantly ridden with dermatitis, I can't even express how much better this makes my skin look & feel.  It sure beats the constant steroid creams!

Tonight, after slogging away for the whole weekend, I will be scrubbing in to some relaxation with this Peaches & Clean coffee scrub (a generous gift from Katrina when we visited her MANY 6160 Fremantle store).  It's my new long-shift ritual!  And that goat's milk bath powder is next on my list.    

My newly-discovered hot tip for shift work/long days?  
Make a huge deal out of things you've got to do (eating breakfast, having a shower, etc) and TREAT YO' SELF.  It keeps you sane. 


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