Wedding: Shoes


Not much to update you all re: wedding planning since I have hand-balled it to the super awesome Jess of The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist & Creator (who has also sworn my decor plans to secrecy for now!), but because I can't contain my excitement, here are the shoes.  S, as my MOH (obviously!), has a matching pair, and the rationale behind our crazy "investment" was:

1. White satin wedding shoes are the devil
2. Any excuse to cash in on our favourite shoes 
3. We will wear them again, and again, and again etc etc.  


Now to hide them away in the box for another seven months...




  1. White satin shoes are definitely not cool.
    You did come up with a lot of great reason for the purchase of the Valentino Rockstuds! They look amazing & it's great that they're versatile to the point of being able to wear them to your own wedding & every other day of your life.
    Good luck trying not to wear them for another seven months though! Haha

    1. Haha thanks Shann! Yeah, we didn't need much convincing to buy these...

  2. YES! The perfect excuse to buy the Rockstuds (and so much more stylish than white satin pumps, if I don't say so myself). I have high expectations for your wedding T, since I've spotted you wearing some incredible gowns in the past (some even made by your own self, umm wow!).

    Good luck with the planning, but more so with not wearing the Valentino's for seven months - now that's a challenge in itself!


    1. Can't say my wedding is going to be too crazy stylish - I just wanted nice shoes that I could walk in! Jess will be allowed to go to town on the decorations though, so we'll see :)
      And it is going to be PAINFUL not being able to wear them. :'(

  3. They came in! I remember you asking about them a gazillion months back at Cultstatus. Ah, they are the perfect shoe for your wedding/ life. Goo luck with the rest of the wedding plans. Your man is so funny! Please remember to message me for tickets! xx Jenelle


    1. Yup they arrived in the nude patent leather we wanted! I too feel they are perfect in general haha.
      Thanks for the offer - will hit you up next time there's a good flick on! xx

  4. Great choice especially if you want the 'edge' up the bridal look a bit. Are you sure you're able to wait for 7 months and not touch them? hahah!


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