Wannabe child of the 50s

Looking through these pictures, I just wish I had been born half a century earlier... I l-o-v-e how waist-defining A-line skirts plus cardigans and heels are so demure yet mysterious in a strange way. Each photo manages to seem demure and 'innocent', yet each has a contrasting element that keeps it young and modern.
I am now seriously craving my previously mentioned Review layby... and also craving a win in the lottery :|

In this one, it's the bare shoulders that keep it from looking like Gran's old curtains.
High heels make legs look super long even with a lower hemline.

I'd hazard a guess and say this blouse is not for wearing without a cami... *blush*

Prada dress: I actually prefer the way it was styled on Liu Wen in Vogue China (also September issue). Read on the for the link.

pictures via leblogdesushi

If this editorial interests you, check out an equally as lovely one here from Vogue China's September Issue.
Now I'm in the mood for a visit to Borders...

xx S

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