Old is the new new!

When it comes to being a sad little uni student, it really does pay to be thrifty, whether it's buying off ebay, pillaging sale-racks or doing some good old op-shopping.

Whilst reading the new issue of Frankie, I came across this:

Salvos has it's first ever "Buy Nothing New" month - an initiative which aims to get people to think about sustainable shopping, with the benefits of reducing the environmental impact of brand-spanking-new purchases, and saving money by spending our money more thoughtfully!
Of course, it doesn't mean you should go without; the folks from the initiative say that you can buy, barter, swap (and beg for or offer favours) for whatever you need, as long as it is pre-loved (with the exceptions of the necessities such as food, personal hygiene products and the like).  

So you can guess what S and I shall be doing for the month of October!  We'll keep you posted on how we're faring, and we'd be super happy if you guys decided to join us for our October project!

And did I mention there were prizes involved?

Head to www.nothingnew.com.au for more information! 

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