WAMSS Medical Dinner 2010

Each year we hold out for September to come - firstly because it's the start of spring (yes - a wardrobe change for warmer weather!), and secondly because one of the big annual events of our study-filled med-student lives is on!

Here are just a few happy snaps from Med Dinner a few weeks ago that we never got around to posting because of exams :(
(T: sorry about the frightful colours - I was not in the mood to fix the settings properly while photographing and paid the price afterwards trying to fix them with iphoto...)

A little photo-time in the front garden (the wind kindly agreed to blow our hair around for us)

Our lovely friend Cayley hosted pre's at her house, where we took some of the nicer photos of the night with the DSLR.  Then it was off to the Convention Centre where we partied the rest of the night away!  (with minimal photo evidence since the big camera was stowed away safely in the cloak room for the remainder of the night)

Looks like a school photo, doesn't it?
The boys, being... boys.

The theme of the ball was "the Secret Garden" - complete with human statues, birdcages, fountains, and plenty of ivy!
Dancing!  We love dancing!

Can't wait for next year's dinner!

xx S & T

Spotted in STM on Oct. 3rd:
T: my 5cm x 10cm moment of fame.  Hahaha!



  1. I'm sure there'll be many more opportunities for you to get famous Trish :)

  2. you guys look amazing and so does that ballroom! you dont post enough of yourselves...i want to see more of you! outfits!!



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