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Cosmetics, perfumes, skincare products.  These are items we use every day and regularly purchase, and it's easy to forget how much we spend on them sometimes.  I always find it a bit of a shock when my Priceline clubcard statement is sent to me every few months and I discover that I've spent far too much on a few small items...

Well for those of you with a penchant for the more products, here's a site that might tickle your fancy.

Have a look at StrawberryNET - the world's numero-uno in the sale of discounted skincare, makeup, cosmetics and fragrances.  Their range is quite extensive, and they offer quality products at really good prices.
Some features that make this a fantastic site:
  • Extensive range, including the major brands that you'd find in David Jones or Myers
  • Competitive, discounted prices
  • No need to register!
  • Up to 10% "loyalty bonus" if you keep ordering from StrawberryNET
  • 5% extra discount if you buy more than 3 products in one hit
  • FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world!  Too good to be true.
I'm not sure whether it was because I placed an order on a Sunday, but my shipment was dispatched 2 hours after I had submitted it.  That's what I call efficient!  And although it was a while ago now since I ordered from the site, I do remember that I didn't have to wait very long for the goods to arrive.
And each item was individually gift-wrapped too!

Highly recommended
xx T


  1. i love strawberrynet! how can you go wrong with free shipping and guaranteed best price on the stuff they stock? i have to buy expensive shampoo/conditioner because my poor hair has been bleached to an inch of its life, and strawberrynet is even cheaper for that stuff than ebay..!


  2. I've used strawberrynet for a while now - but to be honest you can get a lot of the stuff cheaper on ebay. And they dont have much variety (although lets face it anywhere has to be better than Perth, we have nothing). but yeah free shipping really sucks me in, I can't help it! Chanel lipsticks for $30 instead of $50! woooo!

  3. Oh man i didn't even think of ebay for cosmetics! Duh! hahah
    I just picked up some clinique eye stuff and some Shiseido face wash that you can't get over here :)


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