My latest loot: October

A couple of purchases I have made recently that are part of  'Buy nothing new Month' this October that T & I have committed to!! We will be updating the blog with the things we find around the place (op shops, swap meets, ebay and the like) so check back to see our bargains!
Burberry vs Swap Meet
Burberry Fall RTW 2010
picture via elle.com
Real leather jacket (made in Italy) found at Karrinyup Swap Meet. It is going to be PERFECT for my Northern Hemisphere travels in November!

Acne chiffon printed blouse
Topshop blouse- it reminds me of the above blouse that I have been loving since I saw in on Caroline's mode, and this one was clearly much cheaper :)
Another random find from the swap meet (only $3!!)

If anyone Perth-ites haven't visited a nearby swap meet recently or EVER, then you should certainly remedy that situation quick smart! Karrinyup is the closest to me and is definitely worth the 6.30am start. It has everything: toys, books, clothes, shoes, electrical appliances, furniture! You have to have 'the eye of faith'* though...if you go there expecting junk, junk you will find! If you go there with a thrifty eye looking for a one off treasure, you have much better luck.

* The eye of faith is my little theory about why most people have no luck in op shops. You've gotta have faith! And yes, I do realise that the eye of faith is term usually applied to X Rays and CT scans, but... does that matter?

xx S

PS: Please excuse the horrible photo backdrop. There are no blank walls in my house!


  1. these are great! i havent been to a swap meet since i was pretty young...i really should kick my ass into gear and get to one shouldn't i? karrinyup would probably be my closest one too..


  2. You picked up some fantastic stuff! I'm committing to Buy Nothing New Month too. Which is torture considering the Aussie Dollar is so high and is perfect to go crazy online shopping with haha. I'd never really given much thought to swap meets before, but I'll be investigating to see if any take place nearby.

  3. Karrinyup swap meet has the most amazing pieces sometimes. I bought 3 amazing genuine vintage maxis for $2 each there last time I went (Plus about 20 other pieces!).

    Soph: Nothing New Month is so hard! I'm having to restrain myself!

    Thank you for the Local Love girls! xx

  4. i love the coat and the topshop blouse.


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