Holiday Goals

Ooops - should have posted this one before S went away!
But I can report to you that she is having a ball in Europe - I'm not exactly sure where she is at the present but she did mention pub crawls (Ireland?), and spending food-money on Zara.
S has also taken plenty of photos, so hold tight for some of those when she comes back in 3 weeks.

We documented these here so that you (out there in the great wide world) will hold us accountable if they are not fulfillled!

T's holiday goals
Save up enough money to splurge it all in January
Start exercising regularly again
Get crafty a-la-Martha Stewart
Master the art of making macarons
Re-learn some French 

S's holiday goals
Make it home from Europe alive
Whip out the sewing machine and spend earnings on fabric
Go to the beach and get a healthy glow, but not get sunburnt (melanoma is not your friend)
Restart pilates
Bake and take the results on a picnic
Spend time with my favourite person and favourite people

Eat, sleep and be merry!


  1. S's favourite person = little sister?

    Thought so

  2. i would love to learn how to make macarons too! although i've found a couple of places around perth that do good ones so i'm happy :)



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