DIY: Flower Power

So... S is leaving for Europe tonight (so she's been busy with last minute packing), and Simon was losing some wisdom today (har har har! - he had his wisdom teeth out), so that left me on my lonesome all day...

It's really quite nice, doing nothing study-related for a change!  I can report to you that I am almost up to date with the latest season of Gossip Girl, and I have started a few more DIY projects that might just make it onto the blog in due time.

But today I was feeling particularly productive, so I decided to take some inspiration from the following pictures to come up with my own take on the ribbon-rose bib necklace!

Vera Wang
Foreverandaday at etsy.com
Lots of inspiration from here!!!

Why I came up with this idea, I really have no clue.  But I think there's plenty of potential with these ribbon roses (i.e. headbands, bracelets, etc.)

Firstly I made a lot of these... (or you could buy them at Spotlight)
Then I cut out a piece of fabric in the shape that I wanted it to be.  (I had to glue a few layers together to strengthen it)
I did think of adding some beads - perhaps I'll do that when I replace the ribbon later.

Assembling it with old-school needle & thread!
Individually sewing on the roses - a bit time-consuming, but worth it.
The finished piece before I sewed the ribbon on
Et voila!

xx T



  1. this is fantastic! you guys are so creative...i could never make something like that. i wouldnt even know where to start..


  2. Woah, you're so productive with your free time :D hehe Cool!

  3. Love it! Im going to you two for my next bib necklace!

  4. Ah I love it! I have lots of free time on my hands too at the moment, you've definitely inspired me to do something lovely like this :)


  5. Thanks guys :)
    I'm currently sitting at home with nothing to do during the day, so chances are I'll be making more ribbon rose things... If there's anything you'd like, let me know and I just might be able to whip something up for you!
    xx T

  6. Beautifully done~this necklace is amazing! :)

  7. I want to see it on! How do you make the roses?


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