When in Europe...

Shop like a European?

You would be surprised how much loot I acquired, considering I intended to do little or no shopping (gasp!) on my travels. My strict budget, combined with my noble aim to spend money on cultural activities instead of shopping, meant that I should NOT have come home with so many delicious new items.

But when €10 shoes smack you in the face with a subtle "I'm cheap!! You won't find me in Perth! BUY ME!", how can you resist?
First sighting of Zara, on the Champs Ellysees no less!
We arrived in Paris on the day of the Lanvin s H&M launch and later came back to try on some of the gorgeous dresses, but didn't end up buying anything! Above is my crazy little sister rockin' one of the dresses!
Inside Galleries Lafayettes
Addicting markets in Florence, Italy. Leather bound books are a weakness of mine!!
The most gorgeous canal-side boutique in Venice, which I didn't dare enter...our sodden shoes would have ruined the carpet!
Some designer eye candy at Moschino (Venice)
Endless shops in Berlin, open 'til all hours.
One of about twenty antique/vintage shops I looked in during our few days in Amsterdam. I had to sneakily take this photo while the lady was turned away! Aren't I a rebel ;)
Camden markets- one of many cute little market stalls.

These pictures hopefully give you a hint of what's in store (pardon the pun) for any future European shoppers or travellers!

A post full of loot is soon to follow :)

xx S


  1. I can't wait to see what you bought!

  2. ooooooo the canal side store looks amazing!

  3. Zarazarazarazarazarazarazarazarazarazara I love you


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