Revived: T-shirt designing

Last year (or was it the year before?) I used to get blank t-shirts and draw designs on them and such.  Usually they feature the person's name on it with some extra stuff to make it look snazzy.
After a bit of a hiatus this year, I dug out my fabric markers again for a part of Simon's Christmas pressie (he insisted that he wanted one after he found out I'd made some before).  So here it is - another holiday DIY:

Pick these puppies up from Jackson's Art Supplies (~$3 a pop)
 First I like to start the design based on how I want their name to look.  I chose circles for this design.
Then I'll sketch around the name, to get a general idea of what I want it to look like.
Usually I won't use pencil guide-lines, but because I wanted this one to be absolutely perfect, I did :)
Now for some ink...
(This is the tedious bit - it takes a few good hours to go over the lines and the spaces to make sure every bit is filled in and there are no patchy areas)
The finished product!
Happy! ^_^

xx T


  1. Ohmygosh!!!! That looks so wonderful!!!!

  2. Can I commission one?

    I loooooove them


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