DIY Statement necklace

Qu: What does a granny do on New Year's Eve?

Answer: She sits down at her desk with a pile of old necklaces, hacks them to death with pliers, strings them together and Voila! A new necklace!!

What to do with a pile of old mixed chains?
Join them all together in a loop perhaps?
A messy work in progress...
The finished product!!
The necklace's first outing to a friend's 21st...it even lasted the night!

Now to see how long my handiwork lasts beyond this first outing...uh oh! And then to source some more old chains to expand my repertoire ;) Does anyone know where you can get piles of old broken pieces of chain?

We have a few more DIY posts lined up in the next few days, so watch this space (for want of a less daggy phrase)!

xx S


  1. That's really cool! It reminds me of the one T got me for my birthday :)

  2. dude i am TOTALLY digging this necklace...can you believe i've been looking for a chunky gold one exactly like this forever, and have never found one? this is awesome!


  3. Well if I find some more old chains, you might just be in luck!! xx S


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