S' Photographic Travel Diary Entry #2

After some crazy turns of events, like ending up in Switzerland without us even knowing it, our travels continued from Ireland and France (seen in this post) to Italy and Berlin, where we ate lots, froze to death and went out clubbing in subzero temperature wearing weather-inappropriate clothing.

In one of the most picturesque towns in the world, Verbania, a small northern Italian town on Lago Maggiore (one of Italy's great lakes). Look how bright the sun was shining!!
Florence by night
Florence by day
Venice by night
Beautiful Berlin covered in snow
Addictive Christmas markets
An awful picture but it shows my trusty shearling jacket!!
Frolicking in the snow in Berlin's Tiergarten

And that is the second of three installments in my photo diary...check back soon for Amsterdam and London!

xx S

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