Colour Accent

The fabulous little pocket rocket of a camera I got early this year (after my other one sadly passed into camera heaven) has a few snazzy features. Colour accent and fish eye lens are the two I have given a good work out, but the fish eye mainly to take unflattering shots of my poor unsuspecting family!

Some random about the house shots of some new loot:

Top left: messy perfume collection
Top right: I found my maroon item to fulfill this craving- headband from Sportsgirl (excuse the sleazy face!)
Bottom left: same Chemist nailpolish as this post
Bottom right: new Sportsgirl bracelets + Pandora

Sportsgirl is such a treasure trove for girls wanting to stock up on accessories...perfect for poor students who want to jazz up (as mumsy would say) their outfits!!
xx S

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  1. you girls are getting very fancy with your posting!! hehehe


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