Rings on my fingers & bells on my toes

Caught myself almost clicking "confirm order" on this Ausonia ring from Molten Store - an absolute treasure trove!  It's been added to my growing wish-list, which has been spurned on by lonely study times.

The raw, artisan finish is quite like that YSL ring (you know the one), but I do believe I like this one better.  I think it's got more of that 'understated cool' look, don't you reckon?  

Have a look at some of the photos from Estelle Deve's look-book on Il Etait Une Fois, and shop online here for "other-wordly jewellery, curious fragrances and elegant leather goods".  I know I am well and truly sold.

Sorry for the super-short post, but it's back to the books for me now...
A collage of the rings I've been eyeing over the last 2 weeks will also be up soon!

xx T



  1. ahh back to the books- good luck! that ring is a beauty and am absolutely convinced it would make studying more fun with that turning the pages :)

  2. Good on you! You should treat yourself like this more often with all the hard study you are putting in at the moment :) x


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