I saw the picture above (from the October issue of Paris Vogue) on Chicmuse, and it reminded me that I hadn't in fact shown you my favourite purchase from a while ago, via the one and only ASOS - Discover Fashion Online (yes, you really can).

Well, technically I have shown you them here...  But I'll show them to you again.
(because I can, and therefore can also include a creepy clone-photo of myself, just for funsies).

Which one is the real Trish???
Asos leather shorts, Cue top, Jeffrey Campbell 'El Carmen' shoes

These quilted leather shorts will be my Spring staple (all 1.5 months left of it), since it'll be far too hot in Summer to wear leather all the time.  They're also actually a dark metallic purple, rather than black in the collage above.  Which is perfect, since you all know I am a sucker for anything purple...  

Happy Sunday!
xx T

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  1. Someone got a new layout! The blog looks amazing! And those shorts...I die.

    Ivory xx

  2. They're gorgeous! And amazing photos, you stunner you

  3. those shorts are to diiiiee for. love them. i invite you to enter my Gala curios 24ct-gold ring giveaway. you have a great blog :)
    xx http://opinionslave.blogspot.com
    / twitter: @opinionslave

  4. Love these shorts!!! I need to have them.. DO you know where I can buy them?

  5. They were from Asos, but I'm not sure if they're still available.You'll have to have a look!! (asos.com or check our sidebar)

    xx S


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