Wedding Guest Attire

Last week we posted about appropriate dressing for some Hens Night shenanigans & now the time has come for this same lass to become a Mrs this very weekend!  As you can imagine, we're rather excited and with excitement comes outfit planning, as I'm sure you'll agree.  (You are reading a fashernn blaaahg after all.)

I had shamelessly been googling all sorts of things about wedding guest attire, and to be honest was not feeling that inspired, until I came upon this photo on tumblr.  Trusty tumblr!  Saving the day once more!

wedding (thriving twenty)

Thank you, ladies, for showing me the beauty of a simple block coloured dress and stand out accessories!  Crisis averted.

Do you have any wedding-guest-attire work horse outfits?  Any tips for a newbie?

xx S


  1. Not convinced about either outfit above. Cream/white colours are definitely no-go at a wedding - lest you get mistaken for a bride... And navy? It could work, but does your outfit say "Let's celebrate LOVE!"? Because it should! ;-)

    1. Agreed that white is a no-go, but it's the actual outfit that I find more interesting :) perhaps in a pale colour the same outfit would be suitable. That said, tomorrow's bride is not wearing white!

      xx Steph

  2. I love both of the outfits. I doubt you would get mistaken for a bride an a chunky knit like that!

    The Fashann Monster

    1. Yeah I agree :) I love how she manages to dress up the knit so well! Floaty florals are not the only wedding appropriate attire, I hope hehe
      Steph xx

  3. i like anna's rules for weddings (maybe minus the hat one)

    reckless abandon blog

    1. Oh I like those tips! Especially "8. Escape as the death, shops specializing in FORMAL DRESS." hahahah

      Steph x


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