Eat Out: Gordon St Garage

Gordon St Garage is Perth's relatively new super-hip place to eat.  Or, to be more precise, drink coffee.

Gordon St Garage Review
Gordon St Garage Review
Gordon St Garage ReviewGordon St Garage Review

This garage-turned cafe has been on my list of places to visit for ages so I was pretty pumped when Sinéad & I could go there and test it out.

The good
The coffee is deeeelicious.  The interior is über hip.  The company is also fab, but that's BYO.

The bad
The breakfast/brunch selection is very savoury, which is why we (sweet tooths) both ended up with this baked ricotta and fruit concoction which, I might add, was yum.
They don't have mugs for coffee which makes me very sad.  I don't bold words very often on this blog as I have a personal distaste for over-formatting but this is a big issue.  Delicious coffee in an itsy bitsy cup is a crime.

What's your favourite place to eat in Perth?  I'd love to add something to my ridiculously long list!

xx S


  1. It does look uber hip there haha. I want to go there now & see what it's all about. Especially since I love savoury food! My favourites in Perth are The Raw Kitchen, Asuru Sushi & Pronto's Cafe which is actually in Mandurah.

  2. I went here when it first started up and haven't been back since - not because it wasn't delicious (both in taste and visually) but because I managed to break one of the ceramic hanging lights with my head on the way out - talk about walk of shame.

    Really love the Precinct in Vic Park, Moore & Moore in Freo and Boucla in Subi.


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