From AM to PM - in a T-shirt!

As S has alluded to many times, I'm a person who lives in pants, jeans, and shorts (well, only on the weekend really, as it has been so hard to find a pair well-cut of pants to wear to hospital!  I'll save the rant about countless other stores, not to mention my ex-beloved Cue and the issue of vanity-sizing for later.  What on earth do us small people wear, if size 6 is no longer a real size 6??)

Anyway, this post is dedicated to my favourite accompaniment to pants/jeans/shorts in the hotter weather - the humble t-shirt.

Wait - what??  My favourite combo of skinnies + t-shirt PLUS my beloved navy blue Marc by Marc Jacobs emulated by a girl across the other side of the world???
Thanks Stockholm Street Style!

Anyway, here's my rundown of t-shirts:

1. The basic.  
Be it block colours or stripes - a well-cut, good quality t-shirt is damn hard to find.  
Wear it like a slob, cut it up, tuck it in, belt it, put a knot in it, so on and so forth etc.  There is no rationale worthy enough for the basic t-shirt and its value in a closet.  
I'll let you know how it goes when my bulk order of t-shirts from American Apparel arrives (Simon will be happy to get his black AA t-shirt back).

2. The new basic.

In print!  
Not feeling boring today, but still really can't be stuffed?  
Wear a print t-shirt.  Jazz it up with a statement necklace (1. 2. 3.).  Et voila!

3. The graphic print.

When I'm feeling particularly bad-ass, or I get that casual vibe, a good printed t-shirt can't go wrong!  Best worn with your favourite pair of jeans for that dressed-down look.  You can even make your own...

4. The embellished.

I love embellished t-shirts - they have that same comfy feeling that basic t-shirts have, but also something a little extra so that they can be worn on those more formal occasions.  A personal favourite for hospital-wear in the warmer weather, and dead-quick to put on in the morning after I've hit the snooze button one too many times.

I ♥ t-shirts.

xx T

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  1. I wish i could buy t-shirts (or anything really) from NaP. but t-shirt-and-jeans is a killer combination, suitable for almost any occasion.


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