Currently Craving: Leather leather leather!

Chloe leather shorts, the very ones that started my love affair.

Nearly every editorial you read these days features delectable soft leathery items. There are leather pants (all hail Sandra Dee from Grease!), leather skirts both long and short, leather tops and jackets... but it's the leather shorts that really catch my eye because of their laid back, sophisticated and relaxed look.

A chic (maybe more $$) alternative to denim cutoffs

Chloe leather shorts seen on the street

Oh, Zara, why won't you come to Perth? (Above shorts from Zara SS10)

Photo credits: vanessajackman, stylesightings, jakandjil, stockholm streetstyle

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You're such a tulle

Asian fashion - my chronic love-hate relationship.  On one such day that I felt partial to the gaudy colours and cutesy cuts and styles, I wandered onto any self-respecting fob's mecca of fashion: Yesstyle.com.
As a bit of an insanely compulsive online shopper, I was instantly hooked.  Thousands of clothes and cosmetics to be found!  

Anyway, back to the tulle:
I was looking at something which had a link to tulle skirts (which I can't say I've seen very much of in Perth) and had one of those moments when I knew I had to get my hands on one for no apparent reason.  To cut a long story short, Yesstyle was all out of stock of tulle skirts.  So I got 2 off ebay instead from a seller called Dani's Choice.

Here's some preliminary shots, styled with a plain black tee (to avoid appearing like a run-away from some ballet company)

And some photos of S's chiffon skirt that we took in the vacant lot next to our friend's house:

xx T


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The start of something new!

A new semester at uni is starting for us at le.fanciulle tomorrow.  Don't you worry - we'll be keeping this blog updated as our semester project (to keep us sane, that is) so expect to see fresh posts every few days or so!

Things we're looking forward to in the next few months:

  • Having a bit more free time to study, make more blog posts, go to the city, etc.  (S and I both have 1 unit less this semester which means fewer exams and more time!  Yay!!)
  • Trying our hand at shooting some street fashion - that's right!  We're looking to make good use of some of our study breaks to poach trendy people around the streets of Perth (first up, UWA - our second home) 
  • WEST SIDE STORY.  Need I say more?  We'll post a review after we see it in October sometime!
  • And last but definitely not least, passing 3rd year.  And thus crossing the halfway-mark in our course - so exciting!
Got anything you're looking forward to in the second half of the year?  

xx T




Short Personal Rant: Fitting in vs Clothing integrity

There are certain occasions where I have a little inner war with myself...  Do I wear something that I would normally wear (that's the integrity brain lobe speaking) or should I dress so that I look the part (the sheep lobe). It makes me feel a little bit Jan Brady*, to be honest. 

Going to see Karnivool (a local Perth band - rock/prog metal according to wiki) at Capitol in Perth with my two older brothers was definitely one of those occasions.  Even though I love the music, it is not what you'd call "my scene", as anyone who knows me would know!

Sheep lobe: "You don't want to get bashed up by metal heads for looking like Blair Waldorf at a rock concert"
Integrity lobe: "Just wear something normal that doesn't look too out of place"

So, under the guidance of my slightly-more-hardcore-brother, I tried to go for something in between. Ripped jeans, black T with black diamonte shoulder embellishment, plain ballet flats.

Mistake #1: Not wearing a band T shirt
Mistake #2: Wearing suede ballet flats that got beer spilt on them as soon as I entered.
Mistake #3: Wearing a pretty hair clip. I got so many wierd looks.
Mistake #4: Not wearing heels/steel cap platform boots. I would estimate the average height at the concert to be 6'4"

Typical concert goer:
Photo credit: anonymous metal head fan site

*Respect to anyone who gets the Jan reference.

xx S


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Chop and change!

Ola!  As you know we've only just started this blog, so expect to see a few changes in layout and design in the following weeks as we customise our look.
The latest change to a 2-column layout allows us to post larger landscape pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Soon, the header will be changing as well (as soon as I figure out how to change it, that is...).
Any suggestions are appreciated!

xx T


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My Mane Man: James Brown

I'm rather terrible when it comes to hair-care.  Most likely out of sheer laziness, having been blessed with jet-straight, non-frizzy locks.
But, being a sucker for hoarding useless products, these little beauties came to my attention after purchasing Harper's Bazaar a few months ago.

Enter James Brown London - my new favourite hair product.

  • Presentation: easy on the eye, product #1 promises to "repair hair with a luxurious boost of intensely nourishing moisture".  Despite an apparent taste for verbosity, product does not lie!  Fact!
  • Smell: both smell somewhat masculine, but clean.  Male relative will most probably steal said product after he is finished with the John Frieda products purchased prior to these.
  • Product: Intensive Moisture Mask looks like creamy goop, akin to slightly translucent, over-whipped whipped cream.  Tasty.  No surprises with the Heat Protect Spray
  • Leaves hair feeling...: soft, shiny, akin to woman from shampoo ad.  Likely to compel the user towards a habit of hair-flicking, which may result in neck-injury.
  • Wallet-damage: very little in fact - about $15 a pop for each.  Only available at Priceline in Australia

xx T


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Colour my winter!

Although winter is probably my favourite season clothing-wise (you get to wear more things!) and T's fav too, it is far too often that we default to black.  It's just so easy to throw on jeans, a dark jacket, boots and scarf in one minute when you're running out the door!

So, winter aim #1: be vibrant in a sea of black and grey!

Photos via The Sartorialist & elsewhere

Some easy ideas I have stolen (& will continue to steal) from these lovely ladies:

1. A colourful scarf can change an outfit from funeral-chic to lively so quickly!  (And with minimal purchases too!)

2. Bright tights!!  Even navy tights (as in the last picture) are more colourful than black.

3. Jewellery that is large and bright! We have a post coming up on statement necklaces very soon.

4. Coloured belts; or even a brown/black belt with a cool buckle to make it look like you thought about your outfit when really, you're just wearing your favourite jeans!

xx S



Are you seeing things?

The postman dropped off something for me today!  Oh how I love receiving packages in the mail!
This one came from the Outnet - Net-a-Porter's little sister.

It's by See by Chloe, but I'm not saying what it is exactly, so you'll just have to wait until September for its debut.

How exciting!
xx T


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Seeing red?

You will be!  Because once you're through with this post, you'll be a little miffed too at how someone could have the looks and the smarts of this girl.

Let us introduce to you the first and foremost of Le.Fanciulle's collection of good-looking (and super-smart) friends: Sinead

A bit about this stylish little lady

1. If you could have the contents of one entire shop, what would it be?
I'm rather tempted to be ridiculously greedy and just take the entirety of Bloomingdale's stock for my own! Who wouldn't want all the clothes that a luxury department store has to offer? But a little closer to home, I have to say that I've fallen in love with Burberry.

2. You have 5 hours to live, what do you do and what do you wear?!

I'd do the mandatory and emotional goodbyes to my friends and family, but then I'd love to do something crazy... like skydiving in a ball gown.

3. My default outfit on a lazy day is...

My old friends, the famous (infamous?) green Santa Maria College trackpants. The outfit wouldn't be complete without my authentic dark brown sheepskin ugg boots, and my University of Western Australia grey hoodie. Not the most stylish of outfits, I admit, but quite possibly the most comfortable clothing ensemble mankind has ever discovered.

Wearing: Dress & Sunglasses- Sportsgirl, Boots- Doc Martens
Styling & photography by S&T

xx S&T

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Going ga-ga for Glomesh

It seems "vintage" is all the craze nowadays. And what better way to bring in the vintage big-guns by getting your hot little hands on a piece of original Glomesh action!

So it was S's birthday a few weeks back and ever since one of our uni friends sparked the Glomesh revival in our part of town, in the back of my mind i knew that it would be totally awesome if I got S one at some point in time. Thanks to some heady procrastination, a few friends to chip in, and a little Australian-run site called Bowerbird Vintage*, I found the perfect one, and in mint condition too!

* (Bowerbird Vintage stocks some hand-chosen vintage items as well as some reworked pieces. It's worth having a look at!)

Needless to say, I had to get some Glomesh on me too, haha.

Here's some photos of our Glomesh beauties:

S's present! A Glomesh Hardcase, circa 1980s

Oroton Frame Bag, circa 1973

What do you think?

xx T

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Currently Craving: Vintage-inspired brogues

Brogues are definitely not something new this season. Actually, one half of us (the maidens behind this blog) claims to have started the craze in our neck of the woods "before the hipsters caught on," she says. While I'm not so sure about that, I do know that I am STILL yet to find the perfect pair.

Here are a few contenders for the perfect brogues:

The Horse (although the brown version is much more wearable) available on The Grand Social
Church's Classic Burwood brogues available on NAP 
(That's Net-a-porter, for anyone who's wallet is lucky enough to have not discovered this site)

You may want to check out this pair below for a cheaper version from asos.com!

Maison Martin Margiela leather python-effect brogues, also available on NAP

Lastly, this pair from ASOS. Yes, they are men's shoes but since when has that stopped me!?

xx S

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Kuta Beach, Bali
Holidays - time to rejuvenate, relax, clean out, and get out of our usual routines.

Since this blog was started as a holiday project between S and I, we thought it'd be fitting to show you in our second post just what we got up to during the start of our holidays!

Trying something new: pisang goreng (fried bananas - yum!)
Spending time getting to know the locals
Mt Kintamani - away from the usual crowded tourist hubs of Kuta and Nusa Dua
Seeing the real Balinese people 
Chilling with one of our travel buddies outside a huge shopping mall :)

Hope your holidays have been as fun as ours!

xx S&T
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